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The World-Cultural-Heritage

The German-language document you may find here!

Excerpt from the Internet:

"Racism is when you prefer or reject a person just because of one`s skin color, whether that person is good or bad, suitable or unsuitable. According to this definition, the blacks are the greatest racists in the US. 93% of all the blacks voted for Obama and re-elected after 4 years ... "

Dear Readers,

If you have read and studied the valuable homepages of my person, then some of you may know or may hope, that the unique fairy tale in the matter and commission is also about an unified culture and "human race", but also the ancestors of everyone of our "human races" are involved in the matter.

Thus, King Juergen should move his official seat to Copenhagen in Christianborg Castle and the entire castle should be comfortably furnished for his and our all security.

The current so-called “would-be kings and so on and so on” please, will come down to earth immediately and do obedience without objection, just like each person in the world has to obey!

As some readers could see from the valuable homepages of my person, every citizen of Copenhagen is being set on the jerry as the Hanseatic city of Luebeck by removing the toilet bowl from every apartment and house!

Should you and people like you again refuse to obey, then all residents of these cities mentioned above will be chased out of their villas and houses, but are allowed to set up their homes in the front yard of their former property for a long time, because then the villas and houses of these cities will be used for the increasingly weakest of humanity and will  have to be available!

Please inform Mr. B. Obama and Mr. D. Trump of the facts and situation of the world and please ensure that the two gentlemen will agree on their different areas of responsibility, which will result under the leadership of King Juergen and must be clear delimit.

Please do not forget to inform Mr. V. Putin in good time, because he is at the very front of the line, which already underlines his naming, as you all have to be aware that there will be no other alternatives for humanity than the valuable items of Alternatives mentioned on the homepages!

For a long time now, I personally wanted to visit the USA to glance around personally and to make myself known in the States, so that everyone could see the writing on the wall !

Time is of the essence for me as well, because it will be more and more difficult to come out as the winners, because the factor of the serious opponent from the colossal field will double or IT "Com-Puter" has already doubled and more!

We all have to obey, so don't forget that!

Best wishes, Ursula Sabisch


PS .: If you or other people concerned have still not understood that there are true title holders in this category, then you will never understand life and will hopefully clear the space in time to be forced to end up somewhere entirely!

Do not forget, that other big cities in the world may follow in that regard mentioned above also retroactive!

Germany , Luebeck, 18th of June