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The Opening

Ursula Sabisch, Am Aehrenfeld 15, 23564 Luebeck, Germany

To the


International Catholic Mission Agency e. V.

Goethestrasse 43

52064 Aachen 

Luebeck, 07 September 2018

Free English translation on 12 August 2021.

Your Letter dated 04.09.2018 /  Aleppo: Reconstruction after Great Need.

Please let that German-language document be translated in many languages and be handed over to the right persons.

Dear Prelate Dr Klaus Krämer, Dear Sirs, Dear Readers,

As has already been communicated and justified several times, there are enough resources available for every human being in the world, which must finally be redistributed fairly but with sense and understanding.

The resources that are currently available in the world can and will presumably be reduced many times over in the future, as the earth and the environment have been fighting back for a long time, in that disasters will accumulate, for example, through increasing earthquakes and crop failures!

In plain language, this means for all the people of the earth that the end of the world is approaching for a possible new beginning, which actually you and other Christians have as a testamentary prophecy through the Revelation of John in the New Testament!

Unfortunately, or with good reason, this testamentary opening was not dated and thus the Revelation could always be suppressed, since the New Testament is also already available for several centuries!

It is high time for all human beings to recognise the will of all our Creation and it is time for a necessary change of government in all master countries, whereby there can only be one leadership and one common direction, which leads to the goal on different ways!

For this, human beings or rather generations have been predetermined and thus thought of a long, long time ago, in which and through which we can all still move freely as human beings.

However, if these facts, which can be verified again and again and can be confirmed several times, do not soon take hold and are not realised, then there will be no reconstruction of the EARTH and no good new beginning, because it is not exclusively, but also about the victory and the defeated One of the "devil" who has become overpowering and who ultimately belongs to the history of Creation.

There is something quite different than the devil and his companions and for this reason the matter should be taken in hand inconspicuously but nevertheless as quickly as possible, in that King Juergen must be able to get to the practice and finally takes over the worldwide government business before nothing else works!

The same applies to my person and to the person of the Emperor, whereby we three persons will not be able to agree among ourselves, otherwise this triple safeguard of the "Holy Spirit" would fall away, which in this situation and in the foreseeable future is not likely to happen!

An ability to act in order to bring about a turning of the steering towards the divine is necessary so that the "Apollo-stars" falling from the sky will be of use to humanity and to the earth and cannot be directed* against humanity as attackers from outer space.

The steering wheel is in the hands of humanity itself and must thus get into the right hands of the predetermined people, because the suffering in Aleppo is also a "home-made suffering" that has been created by an evil spirit and this spirit has also been raging there for years!

What will now still be initiated in government decisions worldwide, for example because of organ transplants, will influence Creation more and more and can only bring about even greater harm and even more nonsense, since more and more the Ten Commandments are being disregarded and even death is already being marketed *!

There are always the fundamental issues of the cycle of life to be considered and protected, of which very few people have been informed or very few people have taken an interest in this cycle, or most people* have not even registered in this day and age that such a cycle exists at all!

Get this information also from the Internet on the various homepages of my person and get the financial* means in the right place for the people in Aleppo for example from the Roman Catholic Church, by selling a brewery to a responsible businessman and investing these released means immediately in life!

Also, there are enough multi-billionaires, billionaires or even vey much multi-millionaires and millionaires who have always and basically come to this wealth by high costs of others, which is and remains all justifiable, comprehensible and verifiable!

Go to these "administrators of the funds" and make it clear to the people that no one can take anything with them if the person is called up and thus has to die while there is still time for these administrators to be voluntary and understanding, because that is what you and your kind are obliged to do!

With kind regards

Ursula Sabisch

* Expression corrected.

HP: There is also enough crap outside my door and I have been taking care of this crap through my financial means for too long!

This letter must also be published and thus enter the visual "treasuries or Homepages" of my person!