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The Word

Ursula Sabisch, Am Aehrenfeld 15, 23564 Luebeck, Germany

To the

Catholic and Protestant Churches

Attn: Pastor B. Welter

Worldwide / CO

Luebeck, 19 August 2018

Free English translation on 12 August 2021.

Please let that German-language document be translated into many languages and be handed over to the right places.

Misereor and its 60th birthday!

Excerpt from the Internet:  Benedikt Welter: Misereor 18.08.2018 | 4 Min. | UT | Available until 18.08.2023 | Source: Das Erste - On the 60th birthday of the Catholic relief organisation "Misereor", Pastor Benedikt Welter speaks in "Wort zum Sonntag" about how important it is to let oneself be touched by the suffering and need of people in the world and then to act ._____________________________________________________________

Dear Reverend B. Welter, Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, Dear Clergy, Dear Readers,

I was indeed touched by the "Word for Sunday" and moved to clearly write these following lines.

It was a truly informative Word for Sunday, but without the desired and necessary effect, because you, Father, did speak of those who have the ways and means to be able to help others, but it was just and as always only "those" or in this case the Germans"!

You simply do not name any institutions or you simply lack the names of individual persons of the billionaires or multimillionaires or the millionaires who must be named because the Lord and Creator for all people also showed mercy for these "administrators of the money".

Of course, this also applies to politicians worldwide, as these people can control the destinies of many others through legislation, the best and most recent example being Mr Donald Trump.

You all just bask in beautiful words that are supposed to touch and thus you indirectly bask in the suffering of the children and the affected people in distant and poor regions.

And now there will be hell to pay again: You do not name any institution or individuals, but you usually only mention individual persons in praise, because basically the two large so-called Christian churches themselves hide behind such accumulated wealth, from which whole regions and cities in faraway regions could be built up, but outwardly you have to beg for the maintenance or the existence of the church buildings in need of restoration!

Begging and pleading in the wrong place; this is the daily "bread for the world" of Misereor, too, and has been for 60 years!

But: This is how Misereor's task is secured and thus the many jobs and fields of activity of the voluntary Christians who allow themselves to be touched by the suffering of others are safeguarded! ?

That's how it should remain, that's how it should be, isn't it?

But: We as humanity can no longer afford that!

For that is what my person calls a reversal of the clear facts without any care for those people who need a hefty kick in the butt so that they realise that they, as the super-rich or super-powerful people, could significantly diminish the suffering in the world or end it for very many people and otherwise will have no chance to escape the clutches of "the likewise super-rich and super-powerful devil".

But it is always the "shepherd" who is called to account first and not his stupid sheep; you and your Brethren had better not forget that and especially when a pastor, bishop or cardinal lives and works in a democracy, since he does not have to take an excessive risk of being threatened with life and limb for the sake of the truth.

Of course, one always cleans up one's own backyard first, but when the way has been cleared, then one finally attends to the cycle of life, which will always lead to a goal and begin anew.

The devil has been laughing for a long time when he hears such good lectures from you and like-minded people, which will achieve nothing at all!

Quite the contrary, because if you are too fine or too cowardly and call no one by name when it is necessary and if you do not rebuke a "nobody" accordingly, then this abundant "nobody" is guaranteed to ultimately go to the devil after his life, but presumably not without such Shepherds as you and your Brethren are in part being seized by the devil with priority ahead of a so-called "blameless nobody".

The devil no longer needs to be afraid of you and your Brethren, because you are quite obviously afraid of the attacks of the powerful of this world yourselves and prefer to give a friendly and encouraging lecture about the good deeds of Christianity in comparison with the Good News.

Then my person will obviously be one of the few on earth of whom the "devil" will have to be afraid!

Not only the devil will then have every reason to retreat, because quite obviously the wrong people are in hell, but most probably not all the deceased who have long since been bound to him and belong in hell; but this apparently already includes the great mass of humanity on earth!

But hell is indeed already experienced by many people on earth, for example in Syria and in other war zones, and of them many children who most probably do not necessarily belong to the devil! !

So we can only hope that the project in the matter and commission of the Lord will also succeed by means of my person, which of course includes deeds that have already been mentioned on the Internet, among other things, and we should be allowed to hope that, despite the contrary statement of the Bible texts, one-time acts of deliverance that are carried out on earth will lead* out of hell.

This is how it can come and this is how it will already have come, because one has not concerned oneself enough with the cycle of life, but would like to make oneself popular with the "stupid sheep and black sheep", so that the bell-bag can be well filled by the "stupid sheep"!

With this in mind, let us all now be touched by the suffering and need of people in the world and elsewhere, shall we not!?

Please refrain from blandishing in comparison with the Bible texts and the statements of Jesus and take action by immediately putting the accumulated three-digit assets of the two large Christian churches in the billions to use, but not a penny must be thrown out of the window through corruption or recklessness!

Subsequently, the called or publicly rebuked administrators of the accumulated funds of humanity will then have to follow their predestination and invest in life!

That is your life insurance and the life insurance of all involved and that would be the real birthday of "Misereor"!

So I remain with kind regards,

Ursula Sabisch

HP: There are enough contemporary witnesses in the matter who quite simply play a false game and remain cowardly silent; thus, regrettably, everything seems to be going "the wrong way" to the detriment of those who will be on the right side and thus on the truth and the right!

Last but not least, this is your "life's work" as the preordained Clergy!